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Darts medals to Buy Online

Everyone would treasure a medal that is hard-fought for and won. Darts competitions can be very intense and a matter of a few points can separate those who play. So why not recognise the winners with the help of our darts medals?

Challenge Trophies has worked hard to produce a selection of medals that can be ordered in gold, silver or bronze finishes. This makes it easy to recognise who finished in what position. Personalising the medals couldn’t be easier either. Some can be personalised on the rear of the medal. Those that come in presentation boxes have a small plaque underneath the medal, enabling you to choose the wording that is required.

Personalisation is simple and takes just a few moments thanks to our professional and easy-to-use website. We’ve even put together a collection of darts and competition-related centre images you can add to each medal. Just select the most appropriate one in each case. They include winner messages as well as those depicting darts players and dart boards.

Adding your chosen medals to the basket is easy. You can add personalisation as you progress through the ordering process, or do it at the end. There is a nominal charge per medal that is required for personalisation. Everything is clearly priced however and you’ll be confident in placing your order for one to dozens of darts medals.

If you have never tried Challenge Trophies before, now is a great time to start. We are highly rated by many previous customers – just check our reviews to see. With a wide selection of darts and sports-related medals and trophies to look at, it’s easy to find just the reward you need to give to the winners of your darts competition.

Order today and your medals will be with you in no time at all.