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Buy Dance medals online

Reward your best dancers with one of our cheap and elegant dance medals. Our dance medals come in gold, silver, or bronze, and can either be attached to a coloured ribbon or presented within a sleek and sophisticated display case. We can also personalise medals to suit any discipline and purpose.

Personalising medals and trophies is something we specialise in. We use a state of the art engraving facility, ensuring that any engraving we do is of the very best quality. Ordering is simple and intuitive with our online system, and we make it as easy as possible to send us engraving instructions as you order. We have the scope to do a great deal of personalising of your dance medals. You can get exactly the personalised engraving you want on each dance medal for a low cost. Our family-run team is friendly and dedicated. We are always willing to help, so if you have any queries or very specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our dance medals are great value for money. Not only are they very high quality, they are also engraved using the best facilities. To add to the value, we also give a fantastic service. We do not discriminate between small and large orders. We are capable of processing and sending out a large batch if you havea dance contest or event coming up. We are equally happy to undertake very small orders, to commemorate or reward individuals or small groups. Each medal will be treated with the same care and attention, no matter the size and cost of the order as a whole. Order your dance medals from Challenge Trophies today!