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Buy Cycling Medals Online

Buy great quality, cheap cycling medals at Challenge Trophies. Our extensive range of cycling medals come in gold, silver, and bronze, and can be presented either within a stylish display case, or upon a coloured ribbon. Our variety of styles, and our many options for personalisation mean that you’re sure to get exactly the medals that you need. We can easily engrave all medals anything you’d like, and are happy to take on orders of any size.

Engraving medals and trophies is something that we take a pride in. We have access to a top of the range engraving facility, meaning that all engraving we do is of the highest quality. Our simple ordering process makes it very easy to make personalised engraving instructions perfectly clear, and allows for a good deal of individualisation. You can add engraving details to individual medals as you go along, or do so en masse at the end of the process. Whether you want the names and dates of specific cycling champions and competitions, or would prefer a more general message, we will be glad to fulfil your wishes to the letter.

We are very happy to undertake both small and large orders. A small order will be processed with just as much care and attention as a larger order, and vice versa.

Our team are very friendly, helpful, and dedicated to providing you with a fantastic service. Should you have any queries, specific requirements, or concerns, we will be very happy to help you as best we can. If your upcoming cycling event is in need of good quality, low cost cycling medals, then look no further than Challenge Trophies.