Antique Gold Football Boot Resin Award

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  • 13.5cm (5 1/2")
  • Trophy
  • 16.5cm (6 1/2")
  • Trophy
  • 18cm (7")
  • Trophy
  • 21.5cm (8 1/2")
  • Trophy
  • 25cm (10")
  • Trophy
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You’ve all seen them, you’ve probably all won them! It’s our Antique Gold Football Boot Resin Award.  A classic that always serves the purpose for an End of Season Presentation!  Great to hand out to the whole team for their efforts and achievements throughout the season, but also caters for Schools, Tournaments and so much more. Light yet strong, these Trophies come in 5 sizes ranging from 13.5cm through to 25cm giving them a multi-purpose use for any occasion. Fully customisable with endless engraving options. Make sure these are a part of your next event!